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tv   RT News  PBS  February 20, 2014 10:30am-11:01am PST

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whittle . more than seventy people have reportedly been killed in the ukraine are still today as on trying to break it was with a fierce overseas and at times and he's all these cruel sports cars inside of the at the hotel at the very epicenter of the finest also ukraine result of hostage takings seen weapons and moved up in kangaroo courts as a crisis comes to assemble the war so to say that the village of food counter terrorism response. living
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making. he is dealing with these protesters in an appropriate way. your son needs another boring to me to the top of the week. i believe this is corn on the government to end the bloodshed has the legal position he says it may seem they have the control of the tube articles in the streets. lol. this is not seem to not stop coming to mind from all kinds was the breaking news from ukraine this on our street bought tools and the council to kiev have reportedly claimed him up and down the lines on for a steak green beans as toll to at least four c says the style of the week. witnesses say that bodie is as true in iran
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is seeking to send to the chad erupted again on the rhine to the braga shaky truce with the government which had only been astonished how is the full articles have since taken control of the school buildings in kiev including the hotel to the local responders have been saying while this final before ec has now shifted to the government of ariel the city. the hotel remains of my mind and fall from a safe and sound easy to take your steps in our reports. i am in the ana hotel in a european city in the capital of the very heart of it about half the width of the progress than on a helmet said that because it's unsafe moral rectitude tell you that i cannot give you a good view of the vitamins that which is just all of it because its on site to be the front of the windows a couple of hours ago are getting ready for our livestock and as someone fired at odds with the bullets hit a two loss to the wall with the sentiment is from where we were standing we don't know where the bullet came from coal fired if we do know that that side right of the disciples who is occupied by the protesters moral of hotel where i'm standing right now is occupied by
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the protesters by the riot as they have set up something of a sniper point that the fourteenth floor of this hotel. we managed to capture these shots are the guys from iraq the epa or the pr agency that matters to quell the bills riotous firing their sniper when some of the windows of the fourteenth floor office hotel in fact this hotel now is the pro life looks pretty much like a wartime guess in a makeshift hospital and was made on the first floor with the dead and wounded get it inside i've seen scores of protesters dozens of protesters carried the firearms control in the lobby and several of the bowlers at the top of that and right now when it is knitted from the state of the independence let that the emergency situations they met i just stayed in the country is now back on the table it may be implemented within the next several hours most of that that most of the roads leading into the city of kiev have been blocked one of our crew was did not get into the city had just arrived at
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the airport there. nobody's taking them in the same goal the roads are blocked in the woods. so this is known to us at all despite what the government and the opposition managed to agree last night the ceasefire the right wing radicals say that is. they're not made any kind of lost and not the baby and what it is something the size they want the revolution to go until the very end and this is pretty much what we're seeing in the streets of tea but the moment. i'll be seeing just about nothing send this package of two police officers claiming to help an injured colleague. i hate you can see them being caught in an explosion of some sort on the ten policemen having intelligence becomes bird count a couple of days that without several hundred offices have also been into it. the setting sun descended on the beads at this point some of her stresses not be reclassified as medicines. we are now talking about so militants rather than peaceful protest it is
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because you know they have been using of them been murdering people and this is is not the means to achieve consensus this is what it means to achieve any of peaceful resolution so whenever there is a threat to lives on of ordinary people use it straight. this is considered for the actions so we can no longer directly fi classic why those people thousands of peaceful protesters. this is actually no activity and those on the look that sense that's what we should hold of some of the leaders of the radical groups for something that was already sad that they don't one of the talks with the governments they have signed me up to christmas with the government and are not going to of obey orders all eyes are the winners all the incumbent government the president of the country for a taco shops in a court of the box so they are often controlled all those letters of the sedition who claim
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they have control. more than a dozen policemen have reportedly been taken care to buy the rhinestones. they seem to wind up and taken to the medicines come some of them will wind its way to effect a one time he needed to humans but the rest is kind of peace to call one when they were nice. he was a special forces officer and that you may find the phone in the sea just that. they are. the top. i can the kids now the classes is and how it came to this point. it
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might suggest it is the chance is a terror chief destroyer wines and the colonists that the independent analyst comment a couple bars to add this to just be welcome to not see very nice edf said actually this is what is that i've the rhine says that there are riots. they say that they'll be in the pack dvd will smile with the government has so was he there for me at. well it's very difficult so say because that was somehow hit last night that would lead to a truce and deeply missed by her assistant. the tires on his website and me and i need to be just the opposition that things could still be held under control. and today got to know the truth the interest of pieces in the early hours of the morning and that being the more people killed today to see things even more tankers on the streets today than it was listed in the typical because there's simply no border. everything
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seems to have control. of course and dead people we're seeing in the streets of kiev by now many of the munchies not shown is an accommodating all because there's so many of the map from the point of the welsh government. well i think they don't bend and reportedly has an extremely difficult situation. what you always want to see you with it with episodes of desperate situation is to capitulate with hindsight what we don't know what with the wind looking at something like say paris nineteen sixty eight with the sort of refund second pit people against the government owned and made it to who will unfold but the established order will supply all what the looking and chakra nineteen seventy it's impossible to tell at the moment i'm so glad that the government has actually been cooking keep control not just a hint that if the country. that's the question. all contents
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that dr gone i as the danger of increasing traffic lights a show back at the camp up in a new crate. well again and it's very difficult a c and i would say it's difficult to see from outside the time but i think is rather be equally difficult for them and went to see if it's ups and psychic reading. i mean you think that the local government has been awful and you let the beef in the west of the tree. you know because of the politics of ukraine and the us might take up to the west to puke right fit for print from the east of ukraine and different from the center south of ukraine. so what i consider that if it's not necessary what's going to have the class. but it does in line for a country that can be identical to any known or at least short term from
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santa. augustus is pressing ahead with sanctions against officials the demon out of line one seven at the zoo and at every race or russia the only dry as this nation's father from the west the company to stay. would you something because i think that end the discussion of current sanctions still has to go to the government will in the year. it is. granted there isn't any to continue eating the european union court brief in between the european union and the dinner starts. and that the resistance that you say that one group of people we've got to do something i leave. it's something like sixty a week or two if not the only thing we can really can think about doing that and it's too can have sanctions with which the token couple items confiscated assets deployed in a sort of thing. i
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actually cried when it is not the christmas tree. but then again you booked a loss to people and it's unclear in the european union with the aim of the human and civil sanctions. i just used the situation and not just because the fit into this and many people and make any sort of person usually late at more difficult because those are typically priced. and of course also a high having any opinions say he and anne on the ground that sackville west's of a well made support for the protests this is actually involving the divine that is what your union. well i think that's a very very difficult question because the origins of christianity freak accident amber and the origins of the hearing of the conditions in ukraine and on this topic disturbances and it was because of the offer. amid the european union and the sun's heat and the relationship between the union to ukraine. it's the fact that it was presented to the particular sort of full on thinking how
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wonderful life. persistent chemical picture and to be the decision to ukraine to contrast his feet touched them as the couple kept the night with no sign that the claimant and the summing up to a sort of economic rescue package the song on offer from russia. you have the first demonstrations which were in favor of the eu in may for the eu takes on pole in front of the country membership which to confront the country. but i think that things have gone with the return call from the fifth infantry that i thinking. you can think of different types. this weekend and it's going on the second thing is to carry on in the streets of kiev. these are not about eventual membership or anything ukraine's east old west orientation. these are about the immediate problems. thank you cry. he said that corruption is the management
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the year not just because it's heaps of those who dare to look over. due to the pool the ice creams are about what's going on in ukraine to explain that i live in effect from high school in libra and fm cd on nights like just give each of her lines and back on a seventeen different it is just the thank you for not changing its research agents. and i made the remainder of the foreign ministers of france germany and pardons are reportedly remain key and to meet with presents and a call to each artist contest on cia has no not on their reactions and your father. emergency eating has been cold here in brussels where if the twenty eight foreign minister said the eu will be meeting but they are waiting for their colleagues to be a german or french and polish foreign minister is that there were reports that they actually found one while the council meeting. because of security he says a lot to do. back to the state of the book has some of the chaos going on on
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the ground over there so sparse action to conserve the sydney gold with the need to hear from brussels that they'd want to decide whether or not to go ahead with imposing sanctions sought ukraine they gave me include acid fees as for travel that's absurd and officials at the deepest possible for the violence that's going on the ground right now with the eu house for rain so far than two weeks after making such but there is a growing consensus that scientists are coming out some of the ad diplomats and answers is how the mask which would lead to an ending that this itch just showed such as the imposing said that i'm likely because they want to keep open kidney condition mice but as it stands right now the reading front for their colleagues to come back here get some feedback as to see how they can go forward you readers here and set a goal of imposing sanctions in place to sit and to the violence on the streets its embassy in kiev as well as hold those responsible for sa to go said the violent to see and so cleverly also have reaction from russia where ford
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minister said the nonprofit sector. he likened the sanctions to some form of blackmail and afford the history of russia had also said that the set seems like the route from europe to make the mekong country great move closer to deciding how to use a cautious eye surgery started the anti government protesters but worse inside the pulpits and his government also gets into some of the yeti leaders have said the opposition groups have said today that they actually don't have control over. so what's happening on the streets and far right of opposition group that had the balls said the one i opted to do with any form of truce and there is nothing to negotiate so while the eu to be the difference is what they want to see is an end to any form of violence there but for the bbc on the underground guaranteed might be a good story jenna's new law has been closely following the crisis in ukraine and feel the protest as in nothing but pulls any game of regime change. the outrageous that
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the us the writers of the huntington beach for. no people. even to the idea. and to try and take it to the ukrainian government saying. you actually. right to social order. the c section forty one jesus is able to keep repeating the right to be more to come with built in five two. i had hoped to do so you can put it on. we bought when they broke up the pokey. for the projects. he came into my
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mind that the right to vote support for the most rapidly the us the eu. randall gay and the bottom right tooth and a bit about what to do with getting the government's response to it. so i think that i know people who remain in the situation in a lot of antique because. because the driver of a piece for me would he admit to believing them to take two to stand up bass and trying to topple the government of ukraine will the pumpkin then as with melanie's new training please stay with us the eye when the kids with cp people though. i think that your image itself is a fist of it but lost. people in most of while. sometimes it feels as
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if all the deep craters know aye aye aye . . some seem not to harm the breaking news story that soggy the pundits on the streets of kiev. it's
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taken that has been five that were raided by reports of moscow rises have got hold of the house and firearms the posts and traditionally sees it as they now insist that the skills of mine calls us all playful and grenades so he's on the kenyan way to prevent the opposition becoming a flea on forced onto the gophers can no more no escape. reports that the removal of. rioters rather active dr hands on one of firearms on different types of weapons in large amounts and twelve. from the leaders of the ukrainian opposition to reform the president to the police to stop distributing firearms to love that it's just my students who've been basically fighting the writers really this is like a war zone. right in central kiev. we also know all about to delete a hundred injured when two of them from the bullet wounds of firearms
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from all the police were also being sued by the doctors even though it's come down to this minute. no one knows where they could restart again. also we know that such riots are continuing. no other ukrainian cities in concluding that gets out. in the south of this the article reports of what we are the feast has been fully occupied by rioters cent of the first floors had been turned into a makeshift hospital where the injured are being brought under treated there. test scores the mysql scientists from jerking cent of japan's cohen ana says things over the pickles industries does that to be called terrorists obama however that these keys advise the soaps and watched tom and movies from pro mass media recordings from a heel crying from the streets of you brian. to see that the admin attempts to hold the snake juices
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running. we then went on that and so on so it's the is as ridiculous to say about all the doubt about that. these locals a snowy weekend. thus we see it now. no one representing the peaceful locals are some random taking that to mean that in the uk the government does look on hold anymore. the situation in the center of a ukrainian capital of the streets of kiev we all have them in a position which sport to be called in every civilized country that can erase the archive i know for a cost of terrorism that bubbles east. i sent a collective the channel events in ukraine of an aussie danes will began with opposition leaders as protests system on chip on the corner from the street is that entered into the milk will take over the building dissertation quickly escalated as dr has also tried to storm the office of the ukraine's rating policy saying it was on fire. bond is spread across the state incentives and three people i killed the first of many to
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his back. police attempted to discourage the rhine is but one that was a long ten months of cocktails. several policemen died in the cautions us not become a weapon for taxes and police have been taking up positions and by that time the trees and agreed security forces have money to cater for the esquire and pushed the street is away from governmental buildings however the situation august able to say the least the purchases of trying to hit the spot from independence class and racial comments and some reports suggest that line to the shifting of the security forces from the music conference in the building and while options in response to frustration has been combined twenty cc need korean officials from coming to america. he's an action taken report. the joints may only be seen once i know this only. doesn't obama to know just what the ukrainian leader should do a clinic verily the spot. or making
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sure that it is dealing with the peaceful protesters in an appropriate way. obama has however made no no suggestions on how ukrainian authorities bball with white tips. fourteen cbd shooting beating and throwing molotov cocktails at police. neither has he called for the so called peaceful protest a total treat for elections to express their aspirations as he would head home to get different circumstances. you don't like of which are causing. for a particular problem. are you for your possession. rather more immoral action. european leaders don't seem to want to wait for elections is either all but calling for the ukrainian president has to step down. the ukrainian authorities are going to lose all legitimacy because if authorities in ukraine need to make space for transitional government of national unity. early elections in order to bring about the legitimacy of national authorities
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the washington and brussels are considering sanctions against ukraine. the us has already parted number peak ring with officials from entering the country to do the same. the union's the opposition because they're the ones war. these define democracy torching the capital as opposed to accepting hurdles legitimate election in working to counter them. next time around. talking to them a stand up for democracy in word that is the people themselves that make those decisions. that's what the united states will strive to achieve. but behind the scenes us officials are apparently trying to decide who should be the ukrainian government and who could not know. billy luton are going into the government just wouldn't stay on his own work and shop. makes me wonder people marking the piece with molotov cocktails and
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shorting it is also part of the opposition's political report. in the name of democracy. any second part when professor sen merit is of russian studies at princeton univ fcc believes that one is disputing the court says a lot of research on that day. we get this incredible statement by the european union in washington that the recession people who resort to five dollars that you were the president of ukraine how well the guys were wearing masks in the streets in hurling molotov cocktail modal talking to somebody from the state department will she get their names bones and addresses. watch this. we divided country this is about what precipitated it was in my judgment is not the president
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quickly not to use plain the route to his opening. or will you do in order to be highly urge you to unleash it cold war why we need to do koreans up on russia's borders. and decades of instability will change for baltimore. this could be the worst kind used for there were people with the new york legal responsibility. and of course for the following the ten on teens ukraine and bring in the race has funky bass with the class has to stay with us in on the scene. human trait most of the revolution about them. add oil to the south is in that way i do. i will . is
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you. i mm or recently swiss voters nearly passed a referendum to put a strict quota back on immigration such was the role of a small country and some estimate the old quarter of the population is made up of immigrants from eu countries that is a lot of people as most are worried that increased foreigners will also mean increased crime rate prices were the state and a road trip to local culture as modern immigration almost always does. this is populations democratic choice perfect integration is next with being blasted by the eu press what threats to cancel bilateral agreements. our dear you have a different version of democracy and weenie you'll have switzerland county are you i don't think this event will have much effect on the eu bureaucratic machine. nothing could have them change their hyper liberal minds. i think
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this was just at the immigration referendum will have a huge effect on local populations in countries like germany uk which are seen horrible effect of open borders and growing anti eu sentiment as i speak. i don't like to make predictions bike that a lot of disenfranchised people cross the eu envoy become quite jealous of this was smoke and the man was the same type of changes at home. but that's just not good i am. ch the new. i mean
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in one. chun and you
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the news us president broken follow. it will be consequences for the government of ukraine. it crosses the line in its crackdown on protests is in the country in his statement comes as foreign ministers from across germany and even prepared to travel to kiev for a meeting that the country's present btn expedient as the crisis deepens. at least twenty six people were reported dead and hundreds more injured in the worst violence since protests began in november indicated by


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